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Lady Bug: The Fairy Slave Here’s another of the girls we shot in Prague and it’s an absolute cracker. Lady Bug is unique. She’s got a unique look – so slight and light and beautiful – but watching her having sex and cumming is something else. She’s like some magnificent porn fairy, something almost supernatural. And she cums A LOT in her scene. Lady Bug knew at a very young age she was into BDSM – into being submissive, into pain – well before she knew exactly what BDSM was. She goes into a lot of detail about it in her interview and it’s really interesting. She currently has a master, and he’s not her first. This girl is the total package. Listing what we got up to with her really doesn’t do her videos justice: - Anal, vaginal fucking - Physical, verbal domination - Orgasms - Deepthroat, face-fucking - Choking - Spanking - Masturbation - Toy - Cumshots (CIM, swallows) And do make sure you watch the photoshoot vid on Saturday. Pascal and Lady Bug really got a connection going and you can see it blossom and grow during the photo session. You can see her beginning to trust him (an important thing for her) and starting to relinquish control. Hot. Thanks for watching. See you next week. Andy
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