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Released: 20-12-2019, 09:03
Duration: 00:18:54
Club manager Renata is showing Katie round the Day Spas facilities as it is her first time there. Katie decides to relax after her shower and lies on one of the beds in her bikini. Jan comes in after a sauna and immediately notices the gorgeous girl relaxing on the bed. He is only wearing a towel and starts to touch his cock as he watches her. He gets very excited and when she gets up to check her make-up in the mirror, Jan pounces on her. His towel falls to the ground and he gropes her beautiful young body. But Katie pushes him away and when Renata comes running in the two girls are both very angry at Jan. They decide to show him what being a sex object is like and they bend him over and Renata goes to her office and fetches two strap-ons. The girls slap his ass and tell him they are going to show him and Katie slowly pushes the strap-on up his ass. Jan asks them to stop but the girls are just getting started. Katie fucks him in doggie position and then Renata takes over and has a go. The girls then lie him on the floor on his back and Renata starts wanking his cock and asking him if this was what he wanted. Jan says he would enjoy it more if he wasnt getting fucked but the girls laugh and carry on. With Katie fucking his asshole and Renata wanking his cock its not long before the two girls make him cum all over himself before Renata kicks him out of the club forever!
Katie Cox, Renata Black - Day Spa - - November 23, 2019 [xfgiven_cloudfile][xfvalue_cloudfile] [/xfgiven_cloudfile]