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Released: 20-12-2019, 10:01
Duration: 00:12:46
Tammie, Jessica and Loz are searching through some pictures of guys for their next porn scene. They are fed up with little cocks and the guys in the photos all have huge cocks. When cameraman Doug walks past he laughs at the photos and says how sorry he feels for them - "I am much bigger than them" he says arrogantly. The girls decide to find out if he is telling the truth and start stripping him off against his will - only to find he is wearing ladies frilly knickers! After the initial shock and much laughter, the girls yank the underwear down and cant believe how small Dougs cock is! How could he brag about this 3 inch pecker? The girls lay into him harshly for wasting their time and humiliate his tiny cock by holding the big cock photos next to it and laughing. They start playing with it and ridicule him about how it is getting stiffer but not bigger. They tease him for never having had a girlfriend and call him a loser but this seems to excite him and he soon spunks all over Lozs hands!
Jessica Rae, Loz Lorrimar - Confident - - October 20, 2019 [xfgiven_cloudfile][xfvalue_cloudfile] [/xfgiven_cloudfile]