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Released: 20-12-2019, 10:53
Duration: 00:10:08
Dave is fast asleep when Natalie and Rose creep into his bedroom. They tie his hands to the metal bed frame and then wake him up. They pull the covers back and laugh because he is naked. Dave protests and asks what they are doing and why and Natalie explains that he fucked a friend of theirs and then never called her back. Dave says he doesnt see any problem with that which only makes the girls more angry. "If you dont see a problem with fucking someone and not worrying about the consequences, lets see how you like it," says Natalie producing two large strap-ons. The girls strip off, put on the strap-ons and manhandle Dave onto all fours. Rose starts fucking him up the ass while Natalie shoves her strap-on into his mouth to keep him quiet. The girls then swap positions so Natalie can give his ass a good fucking. As she continues to pound his asshole she unties one of his hands and makes him wank for them and the girls laugh hysterically as he spunks all over himself.
Natalie Di Angelo, Rose - Tied To The Bed - - September 14, 2019