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Released: 20-12-2019, 14:02
Duration: 00:18:00
Three strippers turn up at the bar to audition and the fat bar owner tells them to get changed right in front of him. As the girls strip off he starts rubbing the front of his trousers and asks them if they would like to pounce on his "big rod". The girls cant believe how unprofessional he is but when they grab the front of his trousers they cant feel anything at all. The start stripping him off while teasing him for how fat he is and how massive his underwear is - unfortunately when they come off his dick is anything but massive. Nikita asks him if it has been cut off and the other two prod around trying to find it. They sit him on the floor and take turns to play with it, teasing him for having an inverted penis and telling him it is smaller than their little fingers. They get their tits out to see if it gets any bigger and as they stroke it he cums all over Honeys hands!
Honey B, Nikita Law - Fat Man Little Boy - - May 19, 2019 [xfgiven_cloudfile][xfvalue_cloudfile] [/xfgiven_cloudfile]